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How it works?

Display your Twitter followers anywhere in the site or use the widget to display it on the sidebar.Like Faebook’s Like Box show your followers and a button to follow you. Also you can display people YOU follow instead of followers by simple changing settings on the widget. Colors are also editable in the admin settings page.


To call the Twitter like box anyplace on your theme use:

<?php twitter_like_box($username='chifliiiii') ?>

Also you can change the total users to display and show users you follow by applying false to show followers

<?php twitter_like_box($username='chifliiiii', $total=25, $show_followers = 'false') ?>


This plugin dont use cron jobs or anything that will overload your server like other plugins. It uses the new functions of wordpress (transient API) to cache results for 3 hours instead of query Twitter every time that a page is refreshed or visited on your site.

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  • aziz

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    • http://www.timersys.com/ damian

      Hello, sorry about that, a file was not properly uploaded. Please try version 1.3.1


  • Sandra Suar

    Por favor como hago que DESAPAREZCA el cartel ????

    Twitter Like Box

    Please go to the settings page to enable OAuth in order to make the plugin work. For more detailed instructions, please consult the Twitter Like Box documentation.

    Ya habilite OAuth y el cartel no se va!


    • http://www.timersys.com/ damian

      Hola, prueba la version 1.3.4 que estará disponible en las próximas horas a traves de wordpress. Si sigues teniendo ese error, mandame los datos de acceso a traves del formulario de contacto. Saludos!