Social PopUp

a social plugin

How it works?

This plugin will display a popup or splash screen when a new user visit your site showing a Google+, twitter and facebook follow links. This will increase you followers ratio in a 40%. Popup will be close depending on your settings.


There are multiple display filters like:

  • Show popup on specific pages
  • Filter user from search engines
  • Filter users that never commented
  • Filter users via specific referrer
  • Filter users via roles
  • Show popup to logged / non logged users


Popup dissapears if a user click on any social button.

Popup dissapears if a user click outside of the popup ( Can be disabled )

Popup dissapears if a user click in close button ( Can be disabled )

When a use clicks a button, a cookie will be created , so the user wont see the popup next time he visits the site.

After you activate your plugin, go to the settings page to configure your buttons and enable the popup.

Available display Settings:

  • You can also configure background opacity.
  • Edit the way the popup display by modyfing template
  • Edit Css for the template
  • Choose to show popup on post, pages, home page, or certain posts/pages
  • Enable / Disable Close button
  • Enable / Disable Advanced close keys
  • Days until popup shows again
  • Option to delete popup cookies for debugging

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  • Andy Dollinger

    Can it display a thank you message before closing ?

    • http://www.timersys.com/ damian

      Its a nice feature for a future version. Thanks

      • http://Facebook.com/alkeynoel Worldmusiczone

        It is you guys should do it and soon

  • Alvaro Valiño

    Great plugin. How can I change the language (from english to spanish) of the Google Plus button? Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.timersys.com/ damian

      No he probado pero fijate editando spu.js y poniendo en la parte de arriba:

      window.___gcfg = {lang: ‘es’};

      • Alvaro Valiño

        Done. It works! Thanks.

  • Moustafa Magdy A

    how i can use it on Blogger :) ?

  • Jason

    Great Plugin! Can you add Instagram?

  • Kristin

    Hi Damian,
    Is there any way to disable the Google + in the pop up? I don’t do any updates on Google + so it would not be beneficial for someone to follow me. And what about adding Pinterest?
    Thank you for this plugin!