WordPress Social Invitations

Enhance your Wordpress site

With WordPress Social Invitations aka WSI you can enhance your site by letting your users to invite their social network friends. This plugin works perfectly with Buddypress and also hooks into Invite Anyone Plugin.

Forget about paying monthly fees to get this service. Now with WordPress Social Invitations all you need to do is configure the desired providers and you are ready to go!

1. Main Settings
2. Invitation Message
3. Redirection and Hooks
4. Styling and Widget order
5. Stats
6. Demo
7. Download

Main Settings

On this screen you can enable or disable the providers you want to use.


Currently Supported Providers : Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Foursquare

Some of features of WSI:

  • Widget with shortcode or php function
  • Change the order of providers in widget
  • Redirect users to specific page after invitations are sent
  • Defaults invitations messages and the ability to disable user edition
  • Custom CSS
  • Free Support
  • Translation ready

WSI will use your email system to send invitations to your friends. Linkedin don’t provide emails, in that case we are going to use their API to send private message invitations. For Facebook we use chat service and for Twitter direct messages.

Providers supported by Invite Anyone Plugin : Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Foursquare

Invitation Message

You will be able to edit the default invitation message or let your users modify it.


Redirection and Hooks

If buddypress or Invite Anyone plugin are installed, you will be able to switch on/off the integration with them.
On buddypress the widget will appear automatically after a user activates his accounts if the hook is enabled.
Also you can specify an url to redirect the user once they invite some friends with any of the providers.

Styling and Widget order

You can switch widget order for your best convenience. Also if you need to change some CSS you can do it right here.



WSI saves invitations statistics to let you know how your site is performing. Take a look to a sample stats page.

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-20 a la(s) 10.51.48


Try WordPress Social Invitations

Thanks for inviting your friends. Please try other network if you wish.

(No emails or messages will be send on this demo – We don’t save any file or email)
Now you can also have a look at the buddypress test site.


Download latest version